SterJo Startup Patrol


Deactivate registry entries that slow down Windows startup


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There are lots of programs and elements that run when Windows opens and that slow down your system. With SterJo Startup Patrol you can track, monitor, and deactivate these registry entries to optimize startup of your operating system.

SterJo Startup Patrol can detect the components that slow down your computer and identify changes to advise you of their consequences. The application constantly scans new registries and finds changes that can be made, providing the name of the product, description, company, version, and duration of the process.

With this information, the user can identify how useful each program is in order to decide whether it should be deactivated or deleted so it doesn't run automatically. This tool will also help you avoid deactivating applications needed for Windows startup or allowing downloaded programs to hide information that might be harmful to your PC.

Use SterJo Startup Patrol to manage all those applications that lengthen your wait when you start your computer every day.
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